Pricing as the most relevant enterprise value generator

Simon Kucher Alberto Terol

Price is one of the most effective driver (and destroyer) of enterprise value. Still, many corporations don’t spend much bandwidth understanding the full potential of #SmartPricing.

Having these considerations in mind, today the Marketing consultancy company Simon-Kucher & Partners together with Expansión shared their annual update on Pricing and Smart Monetization in Madrid.

Former Ministry of Industry and SEAT, S.A. board member Josep Pique opened the session with his vision on current business models reshaping under #globalization and #digitalization. According to Mr. Piqué, corporations die because of lack of cash flow but revenue management is key.

Lots of best practices were shared from Mutua Madrileña, Unidad Editorial, Barceló Hotel Group, Ramondin and Wallapop, covering industries from #insurance and #media to #leisure and #SharedEconomy.

Thanks again Simon-Kurcher for an outstanding #marketing session. Pedro Fernández Molina, it was great to share this experience with such a solid Marketing professional as you.

I’m summarizing my key learnings below:

  • Although global #R&D expenditure is higher than ever, 72% of new products being launched miss their profit target à pricing should be engineered from the very beginning.
  • Products include quite often costly and useless features, they are priced too low or they pretend to answer questions that were never asked by any consumer.
  • Creating a smart monetization process is fair simple, deploying it is a different story.
  • It’s key to understand the role a product has to play in the portfolio before pricing it.
  • Poor pricing perception at the beginning of the sales funnel destroys potential conversion afterwards.
  • Behavioral pricing shouldn’t substitute robust pricing models but is a very powerful boost.
  • #BigData has come to support much more informed and segmented pricing decisions.
  • Data should be transformed into a smart asset to create enterprise value.

#Price , #Pricing , #Monetization

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